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NAJ Global Logistics your trusted CargoWise Operator, enhances your shipping experience with unmatched shipment visibility and efficient booking. We leverage CargoWise to streamline global logistics, ensuring seamless, borderless operations. Gain real-time control and operational efficiency for all your cargo movements with us.

Vertical Containers and Air Freight

Connecting the world

Your journey matters

You’re leading a dynamic business, and the world is your next destination. But the leap into international markets comes with its own set of twists and turns, especially in the logistics department. If you’ve ever felt like you’re navigating a labyrinth with your shipments, you’re not alone.


Facing the Giants

Shipments that lag behind schedule, tracking systems that seem to play hide and seek with your cargo, and the sudden spike in logistics costs can turn your global dream into a logistical nightmare. These aren’t minor bumps in the road; they’re mountains blocking your view of the global market.


When Pressure Mounts

The moment your customers voice their dissatisfaction over delays, it’s like a wake-up call. The reputation you’ve worked so hard to build is on the line. It’s clear that without expert navigation through the complexities of international logistics, your global expansion is more a fantasy than an achievable goal.


Your North Star

NAJ Global stands as your North Star, offering the perfect balance of personalized care and the capability to deliver on a global scale. 

We’re the co-pilots you’ve been searching for, transforming logistic challenges into strategic victories, ensuring your shipments are timely, your costs manageable, and your customers more satisfied than ever. This is the NAJ Global promise.


Setting Sail Together

This journey isn’t just about overcoming logistics challenges; it’s about setting your sights on the horizon and moving confidently towards it, with NAJ Global as your trusted partner. We invite you to join forces with us, to turn the daunting world of international trade into a landscape of opportunity. Ready to embark on this adventure together?

Supply Chain Services

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Ground Distribution

Unlock the potential of seamless ground transportation and land freight solutions with NAJ Global, where efficiency meets reliability. Our tailored services ensure your cargo navigates the complexities of ground transportation with ease, delivering on time, every time.


Air Cargo 

Elevate your business with NAJ Global’s International Air Cargo services, where speed meets reliability. Our expertly managed air freight solutions ensure your shipments soar across borders with precision and efficiency, keeping you ahead in the global market. 

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Ocean Freight

Navigate the vastness of international trade with NAJ Global’s Ocean Freight services, blending precision with dependability. Explore comprehensive global shipping solutions designed to master the intricacies of ocean logistics, delivering your cargo with punctuality and care.

What is a Freight Forwarder

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The team that makes sure your logistics objectives are achieved

Michael Cash

Chief Strategy Officer

Jo Radwan

Operations Director

Shabaz Danish

Accounting Director

“Working with Joe Radwan at NAJ Global has revolutionized our approach to international freight forwarding; their expertise and personalized service have been game-changers for our logistics needs.”


Chuck Wilson